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MIRCH MASALA In an isolated village in pre independence India, ‘Subedar’ the tax collector, the agent of colonial power, arrives with his band of soldiers and the aura of authority. At the village celebration in his honour he spots a dusky, beautiful, spirited woman Sobai, whose husband is away to the city on work. Subedar desires Sonbai. sonbai snubs his advances, escapes from his clutches and takes refuge in the local spice factory where she works with other women, grinding chillies and spices. The old watchman of the factory, realising the situation, bolts the giant gates of the fatory and resuses to surrender Sonbai to Subedar’s soldiers. For the Subedar this is a challenge to his authority, an affront to his ego; he has to have the woman at any cost. He summons the owner of the factory and the village headman and demands Sonbai like a tax. Otherwise he will destroy the entire village. The village gets totally polarised. Is a woman’s honour worth all the trouble? With the Subedar stuck on his demand, the women inside the factory defiant and the men outside scared of the consequences, the stage is set for a final confrontation. (NATIONAL AWARD) 1987 BEST FEATURE FILM IN HINDI (NATIONAL AWARD) 1987 BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (NATIONAL AWARD) 1987 BEST EDITOR (STAR & STYLE) AWARD BEST FEATURE FILM (HAWAII INTERNATIONAL) FILM FESTIVAL 1987 BEST FEATURE FILM DUVIDHA A girl Lachhi, is married to a merchant’s son, Kishanlal. He brings her to his village but leaves her immediately to go away on business. Lachhi is left to her own devices. Meanwhile a ghost falls in love with her and assumes the form of her husband and begins to live with her. Soon she finds herself pregnant with a child The husband returns… a dilemma arises… The film moves on two planes – inside-outside, dark-light, a structure that exists in the folk tales and myths the world over. (NATIONAL AWARD) 1974 BEST DIRECTOR (BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL) FORM FOR NEW CINEMA 1975 INTERIM AWARD RECOMMENDA Women Special – Mirch Masala/Duvidha/Gangoobai (Pack of 3 DVDs)

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